Enzyme spa or Enzyme Bath originated from Japan and was originally a unique healing treatment by the Japanese royal family. This amazing therapy is said to be developed in Japan about 100 years ago by several scientists specialized in the field of bacteria and fermentation. Since then, as one of the complementary and alternative medicines, the rice bran enzyme spa (called ˇ°komenuka kosoburoˇ± in Japanese, ˇ°komeˇ± for rice, ˇ°nukaˇ± for branˇ˘and ˇ°kosoˇ± for enzyme, ˇ°buro(furo)ˇ± for bath) has been well known among people for its miraculous power of enhancing immunity and self-healing systems of a human body. In its contemporary form, the Enzyme Spa received international attention in 1972 when it was offered at the Olympic Games in Sapporo, Japan as an opportunity for athletes to quickly recover from the stress of exertion. Over the past half century, many parts of Japan have adopted it, often in clinical environments that promote its therapeutic benefits.