About Us

Biozyme Therapy™ established in 2018 with an emerging vision & mission to enlighten people on health care and illness prevention caused by a stressful lifestyle, environmental damage, or genetic problems. Biozyme Therapy™ is the first Enzyme Spa in Malaysia by optimizing traditional fermentation techniques, fermented multiple kinds of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs which naturally produce enzymes and heat up to 60 ° C - 75 ° C (Do not require any electricity). At Biozyme Therapy™, we believe in “Natural Solutions with Traditional Treatment “. In our Enzyme Spa, more than 46 traditional Chinese medicinal herbs like Taxus Chinensis 红豆杉, Mother-of-pearl 珍珠母, Angelica 当归, Ginseng 沙参, Wormwood 艾草, Codonopsis 党参 are used and are specifically concocted to cater to the needs of different individuals.

Health concerns are rising and health awareness is growing among Malaysian consumers and will continue to accelerate as the population ages. Biozyme Therapy™ is committed to be the most natural wellness and beauty resource pursuing traditional treatment contributes to the betterment of peoples health and deliver unparalleled service & environment to assure the communities can leave their sweat and gain their health


Committed to be the most natural wellness and beauty resource

Traditional treatment contributes to the betterment of people health


Deliver unparalleled service & environment

To assure you can leave your sweat and gain your health